éclose® is innovation in packaging: it is not just a transition from plastic to paper, it is the thermoformed cellulose for sustainable luxury packaging
A beautifully workable material
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Inventiveness for collaborative creation
From customers’ ideas we create the final product: we work together to create the prototype, through continuous comparison, until the best solution.

Complete process management
Each phase of the éclose production is managed in Italy, a guarantee of high quality: this allows us to quickly supply prototypes to customers, supporting them in every step, to achieve the best result.
A new beauty in packaging
éclose is ideal for creating high quality packaging: it allows you to create customized shapes, of any color, size and finish. Its distinctive characters and the shaping of the cellulose convey the feeling of luxury, perfectly combining aesthetics and the brands' sustainability objectives.

Quality, inherited according to a new form
Fedrigoni’s deep knowledge of working with raw materials, combined with Tecnoform’s specialization in the thermoforming process, led to the birth of éclose: an innovative creation, the result of the collaboration of two companies used to the quality required by luxury brands.

Italian excellence

Made in Italy production and internally management process guarantee complete support at every development phase


A collaborative process, where innovation is combined with creativity

Maximum responsiveness

Flexibility and speed of execution at every stage to guarantee products according to Made in Italy standards

Uncompromising solutions

Smooth surface, with opening and closing system of the packaging with buttonholes and buttons, or with a zip.

Aesthetic cleaning of the internal surface and edge. Custom color creation.

Elegant texture on the surface; embossing and debossing of logos.

Excellent definition of graphics details, of square and round shapes geometries, of the fittings.

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